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The luxury version among the other ones.

You will get all the lessons WITH the feedback from Lumikene. You can send each step to the artist and she will come up with the improvements/corrections/advices, if needed.

After each week the PERSONAL APPOINTMENT with Lumikene (25 min) skype/teams, to discuss all your questions, regarding the previous week+following one. This option lets you learn even BETTER and FASTER. Total amount of appointments: 4.  

The course will be available for 3 months since the starting date. (from 15.05-15.08.2021)

You can find the full description of the course down below.



This course lasts 4 weeks.

12.05: You will get the material’s list, needed for the course. If you bought the course later, than 12.05 – you will receive the list within 24 hours.

START: 15.05.21


1st and 2nd week (learning curve):

15.05: Drawing the EYE pencil/watercolor.

19.05: Drawing the NOSE pencil/watercolor.

22.05: Drawing the LIPS pencil/watercolor.

26.05: Drawing the HAIR (3 options)

29.05: Drawing the FACE (how to create a portrait, based on academical proportions). Pencil/watercolor.


3rd and 4th week (portrait drawing):

02.06: Pencil sketch.

05.06: First watercolor layers. Skin.

09.06: Proceeding with the portrait, adding shadows and reflections.

12.06: Finalizing the portrait. Details.


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