Since Maria Gracia Chiuri started to lead Dior, I have a weird feeling that she is still searching for herself, for her own unique style and this definitely reflects in the collections.

In her debut collection she brought the ‘We all should be feminists’ tee and I thought – why not. It was fresh, sleek and had a message. So far so good.

The debut collection of Maria Gracia by Dior:

But since then every collection was a mess. There were always a few good dresses that you could pick out of the whole collection (good not equals best), but nothing exceptional, just good.

Then this summer came out the Haute Couture Fall 2020 film and I was speechless. So much beauty, grace, atmosphere. The dresses were amazing, the whole plot was exceptional, the idea original and every detail was on it’s place.

And then there was the Resort 2021 collection. What was the point? Was she influensed by the milkmaids and the greece goddesses? Have the goddeses had their own milkmaids? Were the milkmaids the first step for being a goddess? Like a before-after show? Or what do they have in common?

I cannot channel any logical thought behind this collection, do you? There were everything: leather belts, flowy dresses, crochet details, knitted west with a rose (Hi, Gucci), tiaras, kerchiefs, long faces of the models, lambskin wests and so on.. Do they have something in common? I think not.

I feel that she is struggling with every collection, trying hard, maybe too hard, but what comes out are just some random outfits with dior logo without any guideline, mixed together to create a collection.

Some picks out of the past collections (good and not):

Are you with me? Or do you like the new dior?