This post has waited to be published for so long time, but here we are!

I can present you the most photogenic cosmetics (and packaging) from one of my favorite brands – KIDE natural cosmetics. I know this brand for a long time and recently they’ve sent me some new versions of my fav products and know what… I just couldn’t keep them in secret!

KIDE comes from my neighbour land – Finland (I was born in Estonia), and when you are far away from your home country, you learn to appreciate things that remind you of your northern home.

This company offers a wide range of different powders – from a highlighter, to rouge and bronzer, all packed into the wooden bricks with gorgeous texture and clear lines (not to mention that the wood comes from FSC-certified forests).

I can imagine that many of you are quite sceptical about natural cosmetics (and so am I usually), but this darling stays the whole day there, where it supposed to be. It creates a natural teint (but not cake-y) and is suitable to use with another “normal” brands. Having a high-end cosmetics in my bag, I always prefer the KIDE-powder to many others because of the light coverage. The powder literally allowes my skin to breath and what I appreciate the most: at the end of the day I don’t have a feeling of the greasy skin!

They also promised that in the future there will be a refillable concept that allowes you to keep the package and minimize the waste! (ok, it’s made of wood, biodegradable.. but still!)

So enjoy this photogenic products on our photos and give them an opportunity to amaze you by ordering on the KIDE Cosmetics website.


*Photos by Stefanie Haller.