“Burg Eltz is different”,- says the original website and I cannot agree more!

Having a long weekend here in Germany we spontaneously decided to visit Burg Eltz. Located between the Mosel river and the city of Koblenz, this castle is a well preserved jem between the green forests.

We got there by the car and then you have 3 options to come straight to the castle:

  • The shuttle bus
  • The main road
  • The forest path.

I definitely recommend to take a walk, because only then you can do the shots like these! There are many spots for castle observation and you will only see them if you walk.

If you are an early bird you will be lucky enough to take some photos without a massive tourist flood. We were there at 8 AM all alone and at 8:20 there came another couple. Since then there were more and more people overcrowding the famous bridge.

I definitely recommend to visit this gorgeous place before it takes over the media!