The most fascinating part about being a fashion illustrator is to attend the runway shows during the Fashion Week! This time I was invited by the Munich-based designer Irene Luft and just couldn’t resist to come over.

Why is this such an outstanding experience that every Illustrator should make?

  • The Designer. You can meet the designer behind the outfits. Speak with her/him, understand the thoughts behind the collection
  • The Outfits. Textile and textures that are more amazing while touching with your own fingertips rather than watching on a photo
  • The atmosphere. It is something very different to experience the show yourself than watching it on TV or looking at the photos. It’s all about the details – about the location, guests, light, music.. everything!
  • People. It is awesome to meet new people, celebs or just your potential clients. Have fun!
  • The Inspiration… to create and draw further illustrations!

The Show

The theme of this Show was “Dark City” and Irene created exceptional dresses choosing the bold black color.

I was surprised by the countless textures presented on the runway – beaded sleeves and dresses, layers and layers of tulle and precious embroidery. Dark glamour at it’s best.

The models wore outstanding white lenses to make the iris disappear so it looked a bit creepy, but totally suited to the theme! I saw a few backstage photos, when the models shed a few tears while applying the lenses – and I think I can understand them.

Down below are my sketches fresh from the runway and a few photos.